Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sonny's Pit Pick Pic Contest

Tweeted a pic of my Sonny's combo plate and was one of the winners of the @SonnysBBQ #PickOfThePit contest for a $25 Sonny's gift card! YES!

The gift card came with a note and even a Sonny's sticker sheet. XD

Summer/Fall Food Blog

May: Rosa's Meat Calzone (not bad) & Garlic Pasta (not good)

Mother's Day: flowers (& complimentary sweet tortilla dessert) from Bamba :D

June: Mom's Olive Garden Chicken-Spinach-Gnocchi Soup / sausage-potato Zuppa Toscana
and our Strawberry Jello Cake Trifle (missed it)

June: our Tiramisu and Mom's Korean Sweet Potato Noodle Dish (yum!)

July: Red Robin's (Burgers w/) Onion Rings & Bottomless Fries
and Lloyd's Ribs w/ Fried Green Tomatoes, Onion Rings, & Corn Bread
and Ox Tail w/ Sweet Potato Fries, Carrot Souffle, & Corn Bread (A)

August: Lil Lion's Beef Casserole, Wet Burrito, & Mango Salsa Chicken Salad Tortilla Bowl

September: Sonny's Ribs, Chicken, & Beef Brisket w/ Beans, Slaw, Mac 'n Cheese
& Texas Toast/Corn Bread

Birthday: (Rosa's Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo w/ Dad)
and Tropical Smoothie Cafe's Thai Chicken Wrap (for next day)
w/ Free B-day "Sunrise Sunset" (strawberry, pineapple, mango & orange juice) Smoothie :)

Birthday: Mom's Steak dinner w/ Sauteed Onions & Indonesian Ramen :D

Week after Birthday: Sonny's Free "Q-Crew" B-day "Big Deal" Meal
(Sliced Pork Sandwich on Texas Toast w/ Beans & Sprite) (also ordered St. Louis Dry-Rub Ribs)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Summer/Fall Photo Dump

May: Mother's Day flowers for Mom

June/July: Charming Charlie - bought the "Amethyst" Tassel Necklace & Blue/Gold Glass Heart Set

 June: bought this pretty Wall Art Set from Aldi on sale for just $2!
July: spotted this cute R2-D2 trash bin at the youth section of the library ^^

August: spotted this armadillo in the neighbor's yard, hehe


October: Mom put up the holiday decorations early this year!


Monday, October 9, 2017

Summer/Fall 2017 TV Binge-Watch List


The Librarians - fun, creative sci-fi/fantasy action-adventure series, like a cross between Indiana Jones and Charmed; really enjoyed S1-2, looking forward to S3. A.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - delightful Australian series set in 1920s Melbourne, featuring lovable characters--the vivacious & wonderfully progressive Phryne, her detective-inspector beau Jack, and friends--plus filled with unique cases, old-fashioned sleuthing, sly humor, romantic chemistry, and brilliant 1920s glamour & fashion; adored S1-3, wish they'd make more already! A+.

Murdoch Mysteries - delightful Canadian series set in late-1890s/early-1900s Toronto, featuring lovable characters--forensics-pioneer/inventor Detective Murdoch, adorably morbid medical examiner Dr. Ogden, and friends--plus turn-of-the-century scientific/technological advancements (the birth of modern forensics), old-fashioned social issues but still relevant social commentary, "guest-starring" historical figures, humor, and romance. loved binge-watching S1-9, can't wait for S10. A+.

Call the Midwife - heartwarming British drama set in 1950s/60s East End of London, featuring a changing cast of lovable midwives based in a nunnery, filled with real stories of life and death, family, poverty, hope, tackling many social issues, tear-jerking but life-affirming. caught up to S6 and enjoyed it all. A.

American Gods - lovingly meta, culturally self-reflective, religiously subversive fantasy drama, brilliantly adapting (& expanding) the first quarter (or third?) of Neil Gaiman's novel. finished S1, looking forward to more. A.

Legends of Tomorrow - S2 of time-travelling superhero adventure much better than messy S1, with better team, better leader, better villain, better ships, just better writing overall, really fun time period-jumping shenanigans. A.

13 Reasons Why - compelling murder mystery/teen drama that deals with a lot of serious issues through a series of epistolary cassette tapes and a talented young cast. A.

NOT Recommended:

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - BBC America sci-fi dramedy which sounded promising but is actually an overly-long hot mess that makes little to no sense for 7 hours before finally coming together (holistically) at the last episode. the wacky humor was not nearly as charming as it thought it was. half the characters are crazy caricatures, but the other half are painfully humanized. the cast and the (kinda?) satisfactory conclusion are the only saving grace from an otherwise waste of a weekend. S1 was more than enough, won't be looking for S2. C-.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Handbag Haul!

Charming Charlie was having a sale on handbags (plus free shipping over $50), and I had a $20-off-$60-order coupon, so I went a little crazy and bought NINE bags for $43! Granted, they're small/medium-sized bags, but still!

  1. Joplyn Studded Crossbody in Dark Brown - embossed faux leather saddle bag with gold and diamond studs and attachable long strap - $25.00 $8.97 $6.00
  2. Mini Colorblock Lockbox Crossbody in Dark Purple - purple/tan handbag with metallic lock accent and attachable long strap - $29.00 $10.77 $7.20
  3. Cloe Flap Crossbody Bag in Light Turquoise - structured crossbody with inside top zipper - $22.00 $8.97 $5.99
  4. Striped Canteen Crossbody in Dark Blue - cute, round, blue/light blue crossbody - $25.00 $8.97 - $6.00
  5. Striped Canteen Crossbody in Light Purple - cute, round, purple/pink crossbody - $25.00 $5.37 $3.59
  6. Fefe Crossbody Wristlet in Dark Red - shiny, red, snake skin (looks like dragon hide!) wallet/wristlet with attachable long strap - $29.00 $3.57 $2.39
  7. Over the Moon Clutch in Dark Wine - fold-over clutch with shiny, multicolored floral design, moon-shaped metallic handles, and magnet buttons - $19.00 $6.57 $4.39
I got the pretty purple bag and lovely leather bag for myself. I chose the turquoise and pink crossbody bags for R, and she liked them and accepted them for future use. M really liked and picked the pretty moon clutch and the cute blue canteen bag, which she used right away. Mom doesn't use small bags, but she liked the red dragon wristlet. I bought 3 of them because it was a great deal and it helped me get to $60, so we'll probably gift them at some point.

I'm so happy with my haul! ^^